PC/104 Multipurpose Adapter

Part: PH104   Model: PC/104 Adapter


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The PH104 multipurpose adapter is designed to be versatile enough to add a SeaDAC Lite OEM module, an embedded 4-port USB hub, a CompactFlash IDE adapter, or a 2.5 hard drive. Due to the arrangement of mounting holes (slots at the corners), the board can be rotated and mounted 180 degrees along the long axis. This offers two different mounting options to simplify cable routing or improve access to connectors.

SeaDAC Lite OEM modules provide a low I/O count solution in a small PCB form factor and offer convenient expansion of embedded computers using only an internal USB connection. Models are available with optically isolated inputs, Reed or Form C relay and TTL outputs. The PH104 includes a rectangular cutout that allows the relays on SeaDAC Lite OEM modules to clear the board and mount as close to the PC/104 adapter board as possible.

Aluminum standoffs for mounting to a PC/104 stack are included, as are 1/8 nylon standoffs for mounting SeaDAC Lite OEM modules. If you need to add CompactFlash memory to a PC/104 stack, order the CF104 adapter. If you need to add a 2.5 hard drive to a PC/104 stack, order the HD104 adapter.


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  • Includes 0.60 aluminum standoffs for mounting to PC/104 stack ( hex, 4-40 threads)