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DVI-D Converter Cable

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DVI-D Male to DisplayPort Male Active Video Converter Cable, 1.5 Meter Length



Convert a DVI-D output signal to a DisplayPort input signal with Item# 104818 active video converter. The converter allows you to connect a DVI-D output to a DisplayPort input. This makes it ideal to connect a computer with a DVI-D output to a monitor or display with a DisplayPort input. The overall length of the converter cable is 1.5 meters. The converter supports resolutions up to 2560×1440 @ 60 Hz and 32-bit color. The converter requires no OS driver or separate power input.

Note: The 104818 will not convert a DisplayPort output signal to a DVI-D input signal. DVI-D (digital) signal required. DVI-I is not supported.


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