R9 Serial Debug Cable, 72 inch Length

Part: CA429   Model: R9 Debug Cable


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The CA429 debug cable connects to the serial debug port on the SBC-R9 and Relio R9 embedded RISC computers and monitors the console port on the Atmel ARM9 microcontroller. When the R9 computer is running, the ARM9 processor is always transmitting CPU, OS, and application status messages. Simply connect one end of the CA429 cable to the DBGU (debug unit) port on the R9 and the other end to the standard DB9 serial port of your development system. Use your preferred terminal emulation program to monitor the status messages transmitted by the ARM9 processor. Additionally, BIOS configuration changes can be made using the debug cable.

The CA429 is a 72 inch serial debug cable with a 1×4 connector on one end and a standard DB9F connector on the other end. The DB9F connector is compatible with any standard RS-232 DB9M serial port.



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• 1×4 connector is AMP part# 50-57-9004 or equivalent (pin 3 gets key plug AMP part# 499712-1 or equivalent).
• 1×4 connector pin out = 1 TX, 2 GND, 3 KEY, 4 RX
• DB9F pin out = 2 RX, 3 TX, 5 GND