DB9 Female to DB9 Female Cable, 72 inch Length - R9 Debug Cable

Part: CA452   Model: Relio R9 Debug Cable


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The CA452 provides a way to connect the SeaPAC R9 processor DBGU port to a Host development platform serial port, to access CPU debug information.

The CA452 is a standard DB9F to DB9F serial cable useful for connecting two host serial ports (DTE) together and eliminates the need for a separate gender changer. The connectors are pinned one-to-one so the cable is suitable for any application where a gender changer would be required. The six foot cable is fully shielded against interference and the connectors are molded to provide strain relief. Dual metal thumbscrews secure the cable connections and prevent accidental disconnection.

If you are looking for a null modem cable, please order the CA213.



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  • DB9 female connectors at each end
  • All pins wired straight through, one-to-one