Internal USB Cable for 1x5 2mm Box Header Connectors, 14 inch Length

Part: CA472   Model: Internal USB Device Cable


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The CA472 is compatible with Sealevel embedded USB 4-port hubs, items HUB4PH-OEM and HUB4PH-KT. One end of the cable has a 1×5 2mm Molex connector for connecting to the USB hub. The other end of the cable has a 1×5 2mm box header connector found on very small motherboards, including EPIC, 3.5 Biscuit, ETX, Nano ITX, Pico ITX, and PC/104 Small Board Computers. The CA472 is 14 inches in length and uses one USB port connection on the computer motherboard.

For the cable with 1×4 2mm box header connector, order the CA383.



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  • • Common USB pin out on box header connector (Red V+, Green USB+, White USB-, Black GND, Black Shield)
  • • Cable has two 28 AWG Data (green/white) conductors and three 24 AWG Power/Shield (red/black) conductors
  • • Cable is 14 inches in length
  • • 1×5 2mm Molex connector is Item# 35507-0500 or equivalent
  • • 1×5 2mm connector is compatible with motherboard pin or box headers