Discrete 24-Position Relay Rack

Part: PB24HS   Model: Relay Rack – 24-Position Discrete


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The A24H relay rack can be used with up to twenty-four discrete I/O modules, including input modules, output relays, override relays, watchdog timers, and mechanical relays. On the signal side, it features a 50-pin header connector for easy interface via standard IDC ribbon cables. Terminal blocks accept insulated wire with stripped ends or ferrules. Each power side point is individually isolated.

Compatible with modules from Western Reserve (WRC), Opto 22, Crydom, Gordos, and Grayhill.

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7.5" (L) x 6.3" (W)

Host Interface(s)


# of Ports


  • • Supports up to twenty-four I/O modules
  • • Logic side connection is via 50-pin header
  • • Accepts 12-22 gage insulated wire with stripped ends or ferrules
  • • Each power side point is individually isolated
  • • Signal side has a common DC return and common logic supply bus (+Vcc) for negative-true logic applications
  • • Designed for panel mounting with four stand-offs
  • • Power-side terminals are polarized for DC applications and non-polarized for AC applications
  • • Compatible with modules from WRC (WRC4), Opto 22 (G4), Grayhill (G5), and Crydom (C4)


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