Pipeline Management

As demand continues to rise for petroleum and natural gas products and fuel, it is becoming necessary for suppliers to increase operational efficiency at all levels. One way to increase efficiency is to employ a pipeline management system that allows for constant monitoring of pipeline integrity and throughput, while also providing tools to perform deep data analytics for regulatory compliance and more accurate forecasts. Central to any pipeline management system is a capable and reliable hardware platform. For more than 35 years, Sealevel has developed and manufactured serial communications, digital I/O, and rugged computing products that can stand up to any environment.

Rugged and Reliable Pipeline Monitoring Hardware

As miles of new pipelines are built each year to meet the growing demand for oil and natural gas, and as competition reduces margins, a comprehensive pipeline management platform is crucial. These pipeline management platforms help ensure efficiency and safety at several different levels. At a structural level, sensors and gauges allow for leak detection and constant monitoring of pipeline integrity. At the operational level, data and trend analysis allow for more efficient scheduling to maximize pipeline throughput. At the organizational level, a pipeline management platform allows for a much deeper data analysis to facilitate regulatory compliance, and also the ability to more accurately generate forecasts and predictive models.

At the heart of any pipeline management system is a reliable, capable, and rugged hardware platform. To unlock the benefits of a comprehensive pipeline management platform, it is critical to have a partner with proven success in these areas. For more than 35 years, Sealevel has developed and manufactured serial communications, digital I/O, and rugged computing products that are trusted and deployed by integrators, military contractors, commercial customers, power plants, utility service operators, and OEMs. Our industrial computers, data acquisition modules, and IoT hardware and software solutions enable continual connectivity and control. Real-time monitoring and response coupled with access to historical data ensure optimal pipeline operations.

Embedded Computing

Designed for I/O-intensive applications, our industrial computerstouch panel PCs and COM Express solutions offer unmatched computing power combined with configurability. The HazPAC 10 Rugged Panel PC has a NEMA 4/IP64 rating protection from sprayed liquids including rain, snow, splashes, hose downs, and other pressurized streams.

Digital and Analog I/O Solutions

Sealevel offers digital and analog I/O products and data acquisition devices with optically isolated inputs, Reed and Form C relay outputs, TTL interfaces to solid-state relays, and A/D and D/A functionality. Our I/O solutions support configurations from a few inputs to a sensor system monitoring environmental inputs along hundreds of miles of pipelines.

Serial I/O Solutions

Sealevel synchronous and asynchronous serial adapters are trusted for military deployment as well as commercial applications where reliable, high-speed communications are required – especially in pipeline management applications. Solutions are available in traditional bus-based form factors or easy-to-use USB and Ethernet protocols.

Sealevel Expertise

Pipeline management hardware and I/O applications require reliable hardware with dependable and fast connectivity. Sealevel has spent over 35 years building rugged and reliable I/O and computing products that can perform in any environment.

Automation & Control

We got our start in automation and control more than 35 years ago. Our digital and analog I/O products allow you to precisely track and monitor many different sensor inputs, allowing the monitoring of pipeline integrity and throughput. Sealevel monitoring solutions provide real-time data for immediate action and collect historical information over time, furthering preventive maintenance goals and increasing efficiency.

Serial I/O

All Sealevel synchronous serial products are engineered with strict attention to timing to achieve the most reliable, high-speed communications, necessary for pipeline management. Choose from a variety of RS-232/422/485 multi-interface products that support HDLC/SDLC and other protocols. Our SeaLINK industrial Ethernet serial servers offer the easiest way to connect RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 serial devices to your Ethernet network.

Embedded Computing

Designed for I/O intensive applications, our industrial computers, touch panel PCs and COM Express solutions offer unmatched computing power combined with versatile configurability. Sealevel’s HazPAC 10 Rugged Panel PC features a 5-wire resistive touchscreen that is waterproof and impervious to flames, chemicals, and solvents. The surface is also abrasion and scratch-resistant, improving reliable performance in control and pipeline management applications.

Digital & Analog I/O

Sealevel digital and analog I/O products allow you to monitor and control real-world signals, and are rugged enough to withstand the toughest environmental conditions, a requirement for pipeline management systems. Select from field-proven optically isolated inputs, Reed and Form C relay outputs, TTL interfaces to solid-state relays, A/D, and D/A functionality. Our digital and analog I/O products come in a wide variety of host connections: host via wireless, Ethernet, USB, RS-485, or RS-232.


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