5 Attributes You Need in an Industrial Computer

1. Get Rid of Fans
All mechanical parts eventually wear out. The typical life of a sleeved bearing fan is only 30,000 hours at 40°C—less than 3.5 years.

2. No Rotating Media
Just like fans, the moving parts on standard hard drives eventually wear out. But there are other problems with rotating hard drives. Vibration, shock, and unexpected power loss can all cause the read/write heads to crash. Solid state drives solve these problems.

3. Wide Operating Temperature Range
Heat is the biggest enemy of electronics. Make sure to give yourself plenty of headroom by designing in systems with at least 0-50°C operating temperature range.

4. Eliminate Internal Cables
Moving parts represent the most common point of failure in an industrial system. Next on the list of trouble spots are cable connections that are notorious for becoming disconnected, even during shipping. Computer on Module (COM) designs can eliminate all or most cables.

5. Computer-On-Module (COM)
There’s nothing worse than designing in an industrial computer only to find out too soon that it has been discontinued and replaced by a newer design that isn’t a drop-in replacement. Systems designed with COM Architecture allow easy upgrade as computing technology evolves.

Get all of these features in our Relio COM-based (Computer On Module) family of industrial computers. Sealevel’s Relio industrial computers offer a choice of powerful Intel processors and impressive standard I/O features.