Custom Solutions – Isolated USB to 16 Serial Ports


Customer Spotlight: ISO USB to 16 Port Serial
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A leading manufacturer of semiconductor fabrication equipment needed to communicate with a large number of serial devices from an industrial computer running their process control software. They preferred using the system’s USB port, but required isolation to protect the computer from potentially harmful voltage spikes. Sealevel leveraged our expertise in USB and serial connectivity to design a custom isolated USB to 16 port serial solution.

See how Sealevel engineers designed a 16 port RS-232 serial device, with an isolated USB connection to the host, and delivered working prototypes in only six weeks. That short timeframe includes designing a new rugged, metal, 1U rackmount enclosure. Download the rest of the “Customer Spotlight – Isolated USB to 16 Serial Ports” article (881kb printer-friendly PDF), below the image. Sealevel also offers a variety of standard USB to Serial products.

Custom Solutions - Isolated USB to 16 Serial Ports