FAQ: Blue Iris

Sealevel’s SeaI/O and eI/O devices are frequently used in conjunction with Blue Iris Video Management Software. Many customers have been able to successfully utilize this software: if you do utilize Blue Iris, we encourage you to ensure all updates provided are installed to ensure the best possible operation. These are the top questions that our Sealevel team receives regarding the use of Blue Iris software in conjunction with our hardware.

Which Sealevel products are compatible with Blue Iris software?

Blue Iris now supports all SeaI/O and eI/O devices up to 32 inputs/8 outputs, with the following exceptions:

  • Only a maximum of 8 digital outputs can be addressed, so all units with 16 outputs will only have 8 outputs usable by the Blue Iris software. 
  • SeaI/O modules must use the default slave ID of 247. 
  • Analog I/O is not available.
  • TTL devices may not be compatible as these devices have not been tested with the Blue Iris software.

All SeaDAC Lite devices should be compatible with the exception of the following:

  • TTL devices may not be compatible as these devices have not been tested with the Blue Iris software.

How do I set up my Sealevel device to work with Blue Iris software?

As a first step, begin by reading through the Blue Iris manual, particularly the section that addresses use with Sealevel Systems hardware (https://blueirissoftware.com/BlueIris.PDF). If assistance is still needed, please contact Blue Iris software customer support at support@blueirissoftware.com.

How do I wire my Sealevel device to the camera used with Blue Iris?

Blue Iris allows customers to use a wide variety of third-party cameras with their software. The wiring instructions may vary depending on the type of camera being used. The most common type of camera used with Blue Iris is a Network IP camera, connected with either Ethernet or Wi-Fi. However, customers may contact Blue Iris customer support for further information on wiring third-party cameras with their software.

How do I contact Blue Iris if I have issues that are software or camera related?

Customers may contact Blue Iris software support at support@blueirissoftware.com. In regard to camera-related issues, customers may need to contact their camera vendor directly, depending on the issue.