FAQ: What’s unique about the relays used on the SeaConnect 370?

The new Sealevel SeaConnect 370s incorporate innovative Form C electromechanical relays with gold-plated bifurcated contacts. These relays provide lower initial contact resistance and greater initial contact reliability than previous versions of Form C relays. This type of relay enhances the device performance for micro-current switching while still maintaining its capacity for medium loads, making it one of the best relays in the industry.

In addition to micro-current switching capability, these Form C relays are ideal for switching medium loads up to 2 amps. Beneath the gold plating, the contact material is a Palladium Ruthenium alloy (PdRu). Repeated medium loads will wear through the gold plating, but are still supported by the PdRu contact’s superior low material transfer characteristic and low welding tendency, ensuring a lifetime of trouble-free operation.

For fundamental information about relay types, please refer to John Titus’ discussion in his Control Systems Basics series.