How to Determine Part Numbers and Modifications


Sealevel part numbers are typically four digits and can be found in the silk screen on board-level products or on the label on modified products and the underside of product enclosures.

Additionally, Sealevel makes modifications to products used in specialized applications. Modified products are labeled with the part number followed by a special suffix that denotes the changes made.

Board-Level Products
The Sealevel four-digit part number can be found in the silkscreen text on the surface of the printed circuit board (PCB). The location will vary depending on the board, however they are typically found on the component side of the board near a corner, as shown in this example of part number 7201 — a PCI 2-port multi-interface serial adapter.

Board Level Products - 7201

Board-Level Modifications
Board-level products will have a 1.5″ x ½” white serial number label affixed to the PCB surface. Sealevel commonly offers product modifications that include UART and oscillator upgrades or preconfigured boards for specific applications. If the board has been modified, the four-digit part number will be repeated on the label, followed by a suffix that denotes the modifications made to the board. If you are ordering a replacement product, be sure to order the full part number with suffixes to ensure you receive the correct product. In this example, a 7201 has a GPS1P modification to make one serial port compatible with the 76.8K bps baud rate used in GPS navigation satellites.

Board Level Modifications - 7201-GPS1P

Products in Enclosures

Sealevel products that ship in an enclosure (including USB and Ethernet devices, etc.) have a white label on the bottom of the product. This label provides the part number, serial number, and other useful information applicable to the device. The model number is typically located on the top left followed by the part number and serial number located top right, as shown in this label for part number 8112 — USB to four optically isolated inputs and four Form C relay outputs.

Products in Enclosures - 8112

Modified Products in Enclosures

Sealevel offers products preconfigured for specific applications. If the device has been modified, the part number will include a suffix. In this example of the label for part number 8112-ET, the product has been built and tested for operation in extended temperature environments (-40°C to 85°C). If you are ordering a replacement product, be sure to order the full part number with suffixes to ensure you receive the correct product.

Modified Products in Enclosures - 8112-ET

The list of potential modifications is beyond the scope of this resource. To determine what changes have been made to your product or to contact Sealevel about performing a modification to a new product, please call technical support at 864-843-4343 for further assistance.