I have to reinstall a Sealevel serial product. What is the best way?

For Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista, use Device Manager to uninstall the product prior to removing it from the computer or unplugging it, as in the case with USB serial. This ensures that when the product is reinstalled, the system will see it as a new piece of hardware.

Since many Sealevel devices install as “Parent/Child” devices, the trick is making sure to uninstall the Parent device. Our PCI serial and ISA serial cards will typically have the Parent device installed under the “Multiport Serial” category. Uninstalling this device will remove both the Parent and Child COM port devices. For USB serial devices, the Parent device will be installed in the “Universal Serial Bus” category. If it is a single channel USB serial device the Parent device will be either a SeaLINK or SeaPORT entry. For multi-port USB serial devices, uninstall all occurrences of “Generic USB Hub”.

For Windows NT, the system should be shut down and the product removed. Allow Windows NT to boot without the product. The device driver will detect that the hardware is no longer in the system and will remove the now invalid device. Shut the system down and reinstall the hardware. Upon boot up the device should be reinstalled.