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On February 16, 2010, Kontron customers received an End of Life (EOL) notification (PDF link at bottom of article) regarding the elimination of serial and I/O devices from their product listing. For more than 20 years, Sealevel has manufactured these products for Kontron. Sealevel will continue to offer these serial and I/O devices following Kontron’s Last Time Buy on August 31, 2010.

Below you will find a reference table showing the Kontron product and corresponding Sealevel product. The Sealevel products listed on this page are the same products you purchased from Kontron. From sales to technical support, our team will ensure that you purchase the correct product for your application.

For Sales Support Contact:
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+1 864-843-4343

For Technical Support Contact:
+1 864-843-4343

Kontron to Sealevel Part Number Cross Reference

Serial I/O – Asynchronous
Kontron Part#DescriptionSealevel Part#
USB-ULTRA485USB to 1 Port RS-422/4852102
USB-COM232IUSB to 1 Port RS-232 (Isolated)2103
USB-ULTRA485IUSB to 1 Port RS-422/485 (Isolated)2104
USBCOMM232/2USB to 2 Port RS-2322201
USB-UC422/2USB to 2 Port RS-422/4852202
USB-UC232/2USB to 2 Port RS-232/422/4852203
USB-COMM232/4USB to 4 Port RS-2322401
USB-UC422/4USB to 4 Port RS-422/4852402
USB-UC232/4USB to 4 Port RS-232/422/4852403
USB-COMM232/8USB to 8 Port RS-2322801
USB-UC422/8USB to 8 Port RS-422/4852802
USB-UC232/8USB to 8 Port RS-232/422/4852803
ULTRA485PCI to 1 Port RS-422/4857105
COMM232PCI/2-55PCI to 2 Port RS-2327202
COMM232PCI/2-85PCI to 2 Port RS-232 (16C850 UARTs)7202-SE (Call)
UC232PCI/2-851PCI to 2 Port RS-232/422/4857203
UC422PCI/4-55PCI to 4 Port RS-422/4857402
UC422PCI/4-85PCI to 4 Port RS-422/485 (16C850 UARTs)7402-SE (Call)
UC232PCI/4-85PCI to 4 Port RS-232/422/4857404
Low Profile PCI
COMM+850Low Profile PCI to 1 Port RS-2327104
UPCI-COMM4/EX-555-LPLow Profile PCI to 4 Port RS-232 (DB25)7406
UPCI-COMM4/EX-559-LPLow Profile PCI to 4 Port RS-232 (DB9)7406-DB9
CPCI-UC232/2cPCI 2 Port RS-232/422/4857901
CP6-3UADAPTERcPCI 3U to 6U Adapter7902 (Call)
CPCI-UC232/2IcPCI 2 Port Isolated RS-232/422/4857903
CPCI-UC232/4cPCI 4 Port RS-232/422/4857904
CPCI-WINCOMM8cPCI 8 Port RS-232 (DB25)7905
CPCI-WINCOMM8-DB9cPCI 8 Port RS-232 (DB9)7905-DB9 (Call)
SP104/232PC/104 1 PORT RS-2323551
ULTRA-485ISA 1 Port RS-422/4853055
SPRT2B/ATISA 2 Port RS-232/422/4853087
DUAL232/ATISA 2 Port RS-2323088
ULTRA-485/2ISOISA 2 Port Isolated RS-422/4853189
WINCOMM8/CISA 8 Port RS-232 (DB25)3420
HS-RS232/DP-85ISA 2 Port High Speed RS-232 (16C850 UART)3188-SE (Call)
Serial I/O – Synchronous
Kontron Part#DescriptionSealevel Part#
PCI-ACBPCI 1 Port RS-232/422/485/449/V.35 (Z85230)5102
PC-ACB-MPPCMCIA 1 Port RS-232/422/485/530/530A/V.35 (Z85233)3612
ACB-104/BPC/104 1 Port RS-232/422/485/449/V.35 (Z85230)3512
Digital I/O
Kontron Part#DescriptionSealevel Part#
USB-DIO16USB 8 Isolated Input /8 Reed Relay Output8209FX
USB-16RELUSB 16 Reed Relay Output8208FX
USB16ISOUSB 16 Isolated Inputs8207FX
USB-DIO8USB 8 Isolated Input/8 Form C Output8206FX
USB-DIO96USB 96 Channel Digital I/O8205FX
USB-DIO48USB 48 Channel Digital I/O8203FX
PCI-16RELPCI 16 Relay Output Digital I/O Card8003
PCI-DIO32PCI 16 Isolated Inputs / 16 Reed Relay Outputs8004
PCI-DIO32-24-SPCI 16 Isolated Inputs / 16 Reed Relay Outputs (For 24V with 2.2k resistors)8004-2000 (Call)
PCI-16ISOPCI 16 Isolated Inputs8006
PCI-32RELPCI 32 Reed Relay Outputs (Standard Male/Male Cable)8007
PCI-32REL-BPCI 32 Reed Relay Outputs (With CA-173 A Side/B Side Cable)8007-A01 (Call)
DIO-32BISA 16 Isolated Inputs / 16 Reed Relay Outputs3093
DIO-32B-24VISA 16 Isolated Inputs / 16 Reed Relay Outputs (For 24V)3093-104 (Call)
16ISOISA 16 Isolated Inputs3094
16ISO Special OrderISA 16 Isolated Inputs (With 761-3-R2.2K)3094-104 (Call)
16RELISA 16 Reed Relay Outputs3095
DIO-16ISA 8 Isolated Inputs / 8 Reed Relay Outputs3096
32REL-BISA 32 Switched Relay Outputs3098
Custom Counter/Timer Boards
Kontron Part#DescriptionSealevel Part#
PCI/DCC5-P10433-01APCI 16-bit 5-Channel Counter/Timer Board (PCIDCC5-P)9004 (Call)
PCI/DCC10-P10433-02APCI 16-bit 10-Channel Counter/Timer Board (PCIDCC10-P)9005 (Call)
PCI/DCC20-P10433-03APCI 16-bit 20-Channel Counter/Timer Board (PCIDCC20-P)9006 (Call)