Relio™ – Emergency Alert & Notification


Customer Spotlight: Emergency Alerts
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A leading supplier of emergency notification system used by private and governmental entities, nuclear plants, and chemical stockpile (CSEPP) sites around the country contracted Sealevel to design a custom Relio to power their newest product introduction. Upon occurrence of an event, the system can notify appropriate agencies via telephone and also perform a variety of other actions including activating warning sirens, opening, closing, locking, and unlocking doors, controlling traffic signals, and turning on or off HVAC systems.

See how Sealevel engineers incorporated DTMF and other event monitoring capabilities into a custom solid-state, 1U industrial computing chassis. Download the rest of the “Customer Spotlight – Relio™ Emergency Alert & Notification” article (529kb printer-friendly PDF), below the image. Sealevel also offers a variety of standard Industrial Computing solutions.

Relio - Emergency Alert & Notification