Relio™ – Emergency Communications


Customer Spotlight: Emergency Communications
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A world leading developer and manufacturer of critical two-way radio communications systems used by public safety and government organizations such as police and fire departments needed an ultra-reliable industrial computer to monitor remote site operations. Sealevel designed a custom Relio system to monitor all critical sitefunctions and trigger alarms before communication can be jeopardized. Reliability is paramount since the systems may be deployed in remote locations such as mountaintops, deserts, and swamps where a service call would be time-consuming and extremely expensive.

See how Sealevel engineers were able to incorporate 120 optically isolated inputs, 96 digital outputs, 40 12-bit A/D channels, and serial, USB, and Ethernet functionality into a custom solid-state, industrial computing solution. All of this I/O and standard PC interfaces fits in a fanless 1U rackmount chassis. Download the rest of the “Customer Spotlight – Relio™ Emergency Communications” article (520kb printer-friendly PDF), below. Sealevel also offers a variety of standard Industrial Computing solutions.

Relio - Emergency Communications