Relio™ – Facility Management


Customer Spotlight: Facility Management
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The first Relio system was designed as a remote data acquisition component of an OEM Enterprise Management System. Vital systems and infrastructures require constant monitoring and vigilant management to stay online and available. The Relio automatically collects and sends data from critical infrastructure devices such as UPS, generator, and power distribution units and communicates that data, as well as status and alarms, back to the centrally located enterprise server that analyzes the information. The Relio can operate independently and generate alarms even if the connection to the central server is unavailable, increasing the overall availability of the management system.

See how Sealevel engineers met the design challenge by offering flexible PC/104 I/O expansion in a solid-state 2U industrial computing solution. Download the rest of the “Customer Spotlight – Relio™ Facility Management” article (1.3mb printer-friendly PDF), below the image. Sealevel also offers a variety of standard Industrial Computing solutions.

Relio - Facility Management