SeaIO Software Overview

SeaIO Software
Windows and Linux Digital I/O Drivers

SeaIO includes drivers, utilities, and programming samples for Windows and Linux to aid in the development of reliable applications for the Sealevel Systems family of Digital I/O adapters.

The SeaIO Drivers Include:

  • SeaIO digital I/O drivers for Windows or Linux
  • SeaIO sample applications
  • VCCTest – Visual C++ Sample with toggle switches for relays and LEDs for inputs.
  • SeaIOvb – Visual Basic Sample
  • SeaIOtst – Windows Console application sample

The SeaIO Drivers have unlimited usage rights provided a Sealevel Systems hardware product is used.

Download SeaIO Software for Windows
Download SeaIO Software for Linux
View Sealevel Digital I/O products.

SeaIO – Digital I/O drivers for Windows

The SeaIO Windows/Linux Drivers Disk is included with all Sealevel digital I/O and relay products

SeaI/O Driver Configuration

SeaIO – Applications

VCCTest – is a 32 bit Visual C++ sample with GUI (Graphical User Interface). VCCTest provides control of individual and groups of relays via toggle switches and monitoring of inputs via LEDs. VCCTest demonstrates the use of the SeaI/O API for Visual C++ Developers.

VB Test – is a 32 bit Visual Basic sample with GUI (Graphical User Interface). VB Test allows Windows control of individual and groups of relays. It offers timed relay activation and monitoring of inputs. VB Test demonstrates the use of the SeaI/O API for Visual Basic Developers.

SeaI/O VB Test

SeaIO Tst

SeaIO Tst is a 32 bit Windows console application. It allows the user to exercise the functionality of the SeaIO driver.

Supported options include:

  • Up to 32 relay walk through
  • Turn on all relays
  • Turn off all relays
  • Read inputs
  • Notify of input change

Comprehensive Software Solutions and Support
Our full array of hardware is backed by powerful software that makes implementation easy. Each Sealevel product ships with a comprehensive software suite providing drivers, setup files, samples, and application notes. For help installing serial products, diagnostic software is supplied such as loopback tests, bit error rate testing (BERT), and throughput monitoring. All of Sealevel’s digital I/O products are now supported through our OPC driver, making connection to a variety of third-party software packages simple.