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Sealevel Provides GE Intelligent Platforms with COM Express Carrier Designs

Sealevel provides advanced custom carrier board designs for GE’s family of COM Express embedded processor modules. Sealevel designs and manufactures high performance custom carrier boards and industrial computers based on the GE Intelligent Platforms COM Express modules for GE Intelligent Platforms OEM customers. Read more.

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Teligy specializes in custom device driver development and system level programming for communications and I/O hardware. Our team of development experts has years of direct experience developing custom software for Sealevel Systems’ innovative I/O products. Teligy’s expertise includes software development for synchronous and asynchronous communications as well as embedded systems programming on a variety of platforms.

Teligy’s developers can help you customize Sealevel’s SeaCOM, SeaMAC, or SeaI/O drivers, port drivers to new operating systems, or create custom drivers for your project.

For more information or a project quote, please contact Teligy at 864.286.3856 or online at