Software: R9 Development – Linux


R9 Development Linux Source v2.0.0
Size: 7.71 MB  •  Type: bz2
Size: 56.75 MB  •  Type: bz2

Article Specifications:

Software Package Name: R9 Development Binary and Source
Platform: Linux
Latest Update: September 27, 2012
Version: v2.0.0
Related Models: Relio R9 (R91001), SBC-R9 (R91001-SBC), SeaPAC R9 (S91100-8R, S91200-8R)

R9 development Linux software binaries and source for the Sealevel R9 family of embedded RISC computers. For embedded Linux systems, Sealevel provides fully configurable components — cross-compilation toolchain, bootloader, kernel and root filesystem — using a customized BuildRoot with Sealevel patches, additional features and source code samples.

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