The Importance of Product Reviews & How to Submit Them


Why customers (and Sealevel) love product reviews

Reviews frequently include application specific information that can help customers find the right product for their project. Reviews also allow customers to share tips and tricks they have discovered.

Customers love our products and it shows in the overwhelming number of positive reviews we have received. We have received very few negative reviews, which is a testament to our quality, reliability and most importantly, our customer support. In fact, you will find lots of positive reviews that compliment our support staff. We really do care about our customers and want to make sure your products are working as expected. Our support staff is trained to spot trends and address issues before they become widespread.

Due to the complex, technical nature of our products, a negative experience is usually due to a miscommunication or misunderstanding regarding the product, documentation or software. We are fanatical about our support and strive to make sure every customer is happy. Before posting a negative review, please consider contacting Sealevel technical support. Give us a chance to make it right. Then post your honest review.

How to post a product review on the Sealevel website

Any customer that has set up an account with our online store can post a review on our website. If you wish to offer a product review, but do not have an online account, contact your sales representative for assistance with posting your review.

First, navigate to the product page where you wish to post a review. Next, click the ‘Log In’ link to access your account.

Once you have logged into your account using your email address and password, click the ‘Add Your Review’ link.


Clicking this link brings up the product review form.

  • Select your rating, from one to five stars, with five being the highest rating.
  • Next, enter a nickname, which you can use to remain anonymous to other customers.
  • Add a brief summary of your review, similar to an email subject line, followed by your detailed product review.
  • Click the ‘Submit Review’ button to confirm your review. Your submission will be pending until approved by our marketing staff (please see Review Guidelines below for details).
  • If you prefer, please contact your sales representative for assistance with posting your review.


General guidelines for Sealevel product reviews

When posting a review, please include why you are providing feedback for the Sealevel product and how it helped you solve a specific problem. There are no minimum or maximum lengths to product reviews, but please include enough information to help others.

Sealevel only seeks honest opinions from our customers. We never solicit paid reviews and we do not send out evaluation products in exchange for reviews.

We post all reviews to the website, even the negative ones. We reserve the right to edit the content of reviews to correct the spelling of our name or brands, or to remove profanity or personally identifying information. All edited reviews will include a comment stating such. We reserve the right to NOT publish a review if it includes obscene or hateful speech, verbal attacks on a specific person, or is blatantly promotional in nature.

On extremely rare occasions, reviews that do not provide any details may not be published – e.g., “it didn’t work” is not a helpful review.