Top 5 Reasons to Use DAQFactory SCADA/HMI Software


Azeotech’s DAQFactory software has many features that appeal to a variety of users with very different backgrounds, including those with very little SCADA or data acquisition experience. Here are the top five reasons you should consider using DAQFactory with Sealevel products for your HMI/SCADA or data acquisition application.

  1. Easy to use. Even as a beginner you can create a useful data acquisition program in DAQFactory within 30 minutes. You can acquire data, display it on screen with any of the 42 screen controls, and begin trending and logging, without writing any code. Built-in features like alarming, PID, an extensive function library for data processing, and a 3800 symbol library will get you far with minimal effort.
  2. Make changes without stopping. DAQFactory allows you to make changes on-the-fly, without stopping and rebuilding your application. Zero downtime saves you money. For example: you decide to add a trend graph after your application is already running. Simply add a graph and tell it to start plotting the tag. It will immediately start displaying data already acquired. You can even modify runtime installations connected to your hardware by using a hardware key and without installing any additional software. The ability to make changes without stopping simplifies the creation and debugging of your applications.
  3. Flexible serial and Ethernet communications. DAQFactory supports both Ethernet and asynchronous serial communications on a variety of Sealevel devices using protocols such as Modbus. Or you can use DAQFactory scripting to communicate with many other protocols. DAQFactory separates the protocol from the transport layer, allowing you to put any protocol on either serial or Ethernet lines. With Sealevel serial to Ethernet converters, you can do Ethernet encapsulation by running traditional serial protocols like Modbus RTU over Ethernet without any additional software. A serial monitor with binary display simplifies communication debugging.
  4. Powerful scripting language. For maximum flexibility, DAQFactory contains a multitasking scripting language. The script syntax is similar to Visual Basic, C, and other procedural languages making the transition to DAQFactory easy for anyone with programming experience. If you are a new or casual programmer, the skills you learn from DAQFactory can be easily transferred to other languages. DAQFactory scripting wraps in a lot of functionality that makes it easy to do email, FTP, database communications, array math, import DLLs, and much more.
  5. Grows with you. As a beginner, you can take advantage of the many built-in features of DAQFactory to create a powerful HMI/SCADA or data acquisition application without programming or scripting. Eventually, you’ll want to do something unique and learning to write a few lines of script is a good first step. As your skills grow, you can continue to add more scripting to develop the perfect application for your needs.

DAQFactory offers big project features with a small project price. The free Express version supports 2 screens, 11 screen components and 8 tags – enough to get your feet wet. More capable, paid licenses start at $89 and you can easily upgrade as your requirements grow.

Install your free trial version of DAQFactory today.