What are the advantages of a COM Express and Sealevel carrier board solution?

Fast time to market

The Computer on Module concept simplifies custom computer board design by combining the processing, memory, video, Ethernet and USB functionality in a small, highly integrated module. The COM Express module installs on a custom carrier board that provides the application specific I/O and external connectors, thereby avoiding the time and risk associated with a custom processor design and speeding time to market.

Scalability for easy upgrade

The COM Express architecture provides the freedom to exactly match the system I/O and mechanical requirements while providing an easy upgrade path for the core processing functions that are most likely to change, thereby extended the useful life cycle of the system.

Application specific I/O

Finding a system that meets all application I/O requirements can be difficult. A Sealevel carrier board is custom designed to meet all of the required system I/O functionality.

Flexible mechanical configuration

The custom carrier board can be designed to the mechanical footprint that best fits the application and space available.

Vibration resistance

A Sealevel custom carrier board can be designed with I/O connectors soldered directly to the PCB allowing external access and eliminating internal cabling, thus improving system ruggedness and MTBF.

Extended operating temperature

Many available COM Express modules are designed for embedded applications and wide operating temperatures. Users can select low-power, low-heat, and fanless processor modules that are capable of extended temperature ranges of -40°C to 85°C.

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