What custom I/O can be added to a COM Express system?

The COM Express architecture reduces the complexity, cost and time required for custom computer system design by combining the processing, memory, video, Ethernet and USB functionality in a small, highly-integrated module. While COM Express modules are considered legacy-free, Sealevel has the engineering expertise to design a custom carrier board that integrates serial, digital, analog and other I/O required by the customer’s application.

Virtually any number and configuration of RS-232, RS-422, or R-485 serial ports can be added to the carrier board design. The serial ports, using Sealevel supplied drivers, appear as native COM ports to the operating system.

Sealevel can easily add high I/O counts of optically isolated inputs, relay outputs and other discrete I/O per the customer specification. This flexibility is especially useful when connecting to legacy or proprietary equipment that cannot easily be changed.

Additional Ethernet ports, parallel ports and other legacy or custom interfaces can also be integrated on the Sealevel custom carrier board. Visit our Custom Solutions portal to learn more about our custom capabilities.