What is Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) and how does it improve Sealevel product quality?


Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) is an inspection technology used in the printed circuit board manufacturing process. AOI equipment is positioned near the end of the assembly line and one or more cameras scan for various defects that can occur during the manufacturing process.

The AOI system used by Sealevel contains multiple high-resolution cameras and uses different wavelengths of LED light to scan the top and multiple angles of circuit board assemblies. The AOI scans thousands of parts per minute, much faster than a human, and looks for proper part placement, component polarity, solder joints, bent or lifted pins and other conditions that might be missed by a person.

In an AOI environment, defects can be detected and corrected as soon as boards start rolling off the production line. By catching defects early, manufacturing waste and the amount of rework required by a trained technician is greatly reduced.

The advanced AOI system, as well as visual inspection and power-on functionality testing, improves quality and allows Sealevel to guarantee the reliability of our products.