What is the difference between SeaLINK 820x and 820xFX digital I/O adapters?

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Sealevel strives to minimize the impact of component obsolescence to our customers. When a component is discontinued by a vendor, Sealevel’s goal is to redesign the product to offer a form, fit and function replacement. In most cases this is completely transparent to the customer.

However, in the case of our 820x digital I/O adapters, a component went obsolete that forced a redesign and required Sealevel to make a change to the SeaIO software driver. The updated SeaIO driver has been thoroughly tested and works with both legacy 820x and redesigned 820xFX digital I/O modules. The new driver requires no changes to your application and will operate the same as the previous SeaIO driver.

If you are using legacy 820x and new 820xFX modules in the same environment, you must update your SeaIO driver to the latest version. The 820xFX modules will not function with the old SeaIO driver. Please contact Technical Support if you have any questions.