Where can I find software for my Sealevel product?

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A CD containing the software is included in your product shipment. Following is a list of the software to use based on product type.

Windows Linux Use With These Product Types
SeaCOM SeaCOM Asynchronous serial products (excluding Ethernet serial servers)
SeaLINK SeaLINK Ethernet serial servers
SeaMAX SeaMAX SeaI/O, SeaDAC and SeaDAC Lite hardware product families
SeaIO SeaIO PCI Express, PCI, Low Profile PCI, PC/104, ISA and SeaLINK digital I/O products
SeaMAC V5 SeaMAC (Z85230)
Route56 (Z16C32)
Synchronous serial products


You also have two navigation options for downloading software from our website:

  1. Navigate to the product webpage for your item, click on the “Product Support” tab, and then click the appropriate software link (recommended).
  2. Navigate to the Support section of the website, click on “Software Packages”, and then select the software by functionality or operating system.