White Paper: Advancing Mission Critical Communications

By Leah VanSyckel, Sealevel Systems, Inc

People often imagine public safety as stalwart uniformed officers or emergency response teams. However, public safety is also a vast critical communications network operating 24/7/365 behind the scenes, ensuring civil security. This network is responsible for accurately and rapidly coordinating officers from animal control to the FBI. Its information management and operations control define public safety success. Failure is not an option.

Essential tasks in this network require technology that is reliable and configurable. In the last 15 years, public safety departments and national bodies have focused on modernizing these systems and updating infrastructure to modern needs. As population increases and
security forces grow, mission critical communication teams face issues of volume, speed, location and cost, to name a few. Interoperability has become the new standard.

The following white paper will discuss the computing hardware that is bringing dispatch centers and network control centers into the modern era.