Why do I receive Certificate Errors on the Sealevel website?


Most users reporting this issue are using Windows XP and some version of Internet Explorer. The Sealevel website uses the latest methods of SNI (Server Name Identification) for SSL, which are not supported on Windows XP. Internet Explorer will still perform the encryption, but will incorrectly report a certificate error. Placing a web order on our site is safe.

However, as of April 8, 2014, Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft. Therefore, the OS is no longer receiving security updates and patches. Continuing to use Windows XP in this state puts the user at risk of malicious online threats targeting un-patched systems. Microsoft strongly recommends upgrading to a supported operating system.

If you must continue running Windows XP, using another browser — such as Firefox or Chrome — will avoid the error.

Are you using a supported operating system and still receiving errors on our website? Please report them to support@sealevel.com, and include the operating system, browser versions and a screen shot, if possible.