Why is the ability to regulate power with the Intel® Tiger Lake processor beneficial?

There are several reasons why regulating the power of Tiger Lake processors can be beneficial. 

Extreme Heat

Utilizing the full performance of a Tiger Lake module releases a lot of heat. If the enclosure that holds the module cannot withstand high-heat environments, one of the main ways to limit the temperature is to cap or limit the performance of the module.

Temperature Instability

Devices with Tiger Lake processors can and are deployed within a wide variety of environments, often with dramatically different temperatures. If the environment is unusually hot or cold, limiting or regulating the performance of the module can be a safeguard against malfunction or overworking the module.

Power Instability

If there is any instability in the power supply to the module, limiting or regulating the performance of the module is a viable safeguard against malfunction.

How do you regulate the performance or “throttle” an Intel® Tiger Lake processor?