Going Out of This World with NASA

Overview NASA needed a solution for their robotic arm on the space shuttle. Astronauts on the shuttle couldn’t operate the arm unless they were able…

Rugged and Ready: Relio R1 Beats the Heat in Fracking

In fracking operations, a fleet of trucks carries equipment, including computers that are the brains of their work. A Sealevel customer asked for a standardized computing solution that would meet their specifications, which are more stringent than MIL-STD-810. The computer had to be affordable, as they would be equipping their entire fleet.

Powering Energy Efficiency: IIoT Solar Panel Solutions

An amusement park that prioritizes sustainability contracted a renewable energy group to install a solar power system. The group roof-mounted the panels throughout the park and ground-mounted them in one lot outside the park. The energy group wanted an IIoT solution to gather reliability data on their panels’ electricity production and relay commands for cloudy days for operational optimization. The solution also needed to allow remote access and monitoring, regardless of conditions.