Serial Communications for Ground Control

Overview The U.S. Navy’s arsenal includes a jet-powered, long-range cruise missile that receives real-time, in-flight guidance via SATCOM. This communication enables the missile to dynamically…

Aircraft Test Interface

A leading military contractor looks to Sealevel to simplify their aircraft diagnostic testing and calibration system – and stay cost-conscious.

USB to Synchronous Radio Adapter

Sealevel’s electrical team created an innovative design to implement the conversion from the tactical radio’s high-speed synchronous serial connection to a standard USB interface compatible with any PC. The heart of the design is an 8-bit microcontroller with integrated USB port and an FPGA.

Military Laptop Docking Station

Meeting Critical Military Environmental and EMI Specifications
Sealevel’s electrical and mechanical design team was challenged to design two complete, military-grade docking stations that met complex packaging requirements and rigorous environmental and EMI compliance standards.