What are some applications that require a rugged PC?

Rugged industrial computers are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Generally, four main environmental conditions require a ruggedized computer: extreme temperatures, high levels of shock and vibration, high levels of particulates and/or the presence of moisture, and power supply disturbances.

Several computing applications that require the use of rugged computers are:

  • Military, defense, and aerospace applications: Rugged computers are required to withstand the extreme operating conditions of military ground vehicles, naval vessels, and aerospace platforms.
  • Industrial automation and control: Factories and manufacturing facilities present a variety of environmental challenges including high dust and particulate concentrations, extreme temperature fluctuations, and high vibration.
  • Mining and oil and gas exploration: Field equipment in mining and oil exploration is subject to some of the harshest physical conditions on earth, and requires rugged computers that can withstand intense shock, vibrations, and extreme operating temperatures.
  • Public safety: Critical communications – from 911 call centers to firefighting communication systems – require computing systems that can work in any environment, reliably and consistently.
  • Transportation: Applications from logistics to rail transportation, to fleet management, to Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, require computers that can withstand extreme temperatures, high vibration, and large amounts of moisture.
  • Agriculture: Computers used in agricultural applications like self-driving tractors, farming robots, and autonomous drones are subjected to a wide variety of physical variables: extreme temperatures, dust and dirt, extreme vibration, and moisture.

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