1-Wire Bus Flat Cable, 6P4C (RJ11) Connectors, 25' Length - Black

Part: CA685   Model: 1-Wire Bus Flat Extension Cable, 6P4C (RJ11) Connectors, 25′ Length


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The CA685 is a flat extension cable with latching 6P4C (RJ11 Male) connectors on both ends. The cable has four insulated conductors wired straight through with a black outer PVC jacket. This 25′ cable allows you to extend your SeaConnect 1-Wire temperature monitoring network using readily available RJ11/RJ14 connectors and adapters. Sealevel offers a variety of interface cables and accessories to simplify your 1-Wire temperature monitoring application. Or, you can use standard 6P4C (RJ11) telephone cables and accessories to quickly expand your Sealevel 1-Wire network.



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