1-Wire Bus Temperature Monitoring QuickStart Kit, Dual-Probe

Part: KT136   Model: 1-Wire Bus Temperature Monitoring QuickStart Kit, Dual-Probe


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The KT136 1-Wire Bus Temperature Monitoring QuickStart Kit is perfect for monitoring your cold-chain devices or spaces, such as coolers, freezers, sandwich counters, salad prep stations and more. The kit includes two wired digital temperature sensors and accessories to quickly monitor two devices or spaces with a Sealevel SeaConnect 370. Each additional KT136 kit can monitor two additional devices or locations. You can add up to five KT136 kits, for a total of ten temperature sensors, to a single SeaConnect 1-Wire interface.

The KT136 kit includes:

  • CA651 (2) – 1-Wire Temperature Sensor (DS18B20), Waterproof/Stainless Probe, 6P4C (RJ11) Connector, 3m Length
  • CA685 – 1-Wire Bus Flat Cable, 6P4C (RJ11) Connectors, 25′ Length
  • 105351 – 1-Wire Bus 1×3 Splitter, 6P4C (RJ11) Connectors
  • 105352 – 1-Wire Bus 1×1 Coupler, 6P4C (RJ11) Connectors

All items in the kit snap together with convenient latching 6P4C (RJ11) connectors. If you ordered a SeaConnect 370 restaurant kit, it included a CA669 interface cable with latching connector that simplifies connecting everything together. If you have a standard SeaConnect 370, simply order a CA669 interface cable to add a latching connector to the 1-Wire interface on your SeaConnect device.

Sealevel offers a variety of interface cables and accessories to simplify your 1-Wire temperature monitoring application. Or, you can use standard 6P4C (RJ11) telephone cables and accessories to quickly expand your Sealevel 1-Wire network.


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