USB Low Profile PCI Bracket with SeaLATCH Type A Port

Part: SL-LPCI   Model: SeaLATCH USB Low Profile PCI Adapter


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With the SeaLATCH USB low profile PCI bracket, you can use open USB headers on the motherboard to easily add a locking USB Type A connector to your computer enclosure. The USB low profile PCI adapter interfaces to a variety of small board computers and motherboards via an internal USB header connection. Order the correct cable for your motherboard under the Accessories tab.

The SL-LPCI integrates Sealevel’s SeaLATCH locking USB port, which is fully compatible with standard USB cables. When used with a USB cable with a SeaLATCH USB type A connector, the metal thumbscrew provides a secure metal-to-metal connection and prevents accidental cable disconnection. Order optional USB cables with SeaLATCH locking USB connectors under the Accessories tab.

The SL-LPCI is compatible with any computer with an available low profile PCI location and provides a clean, professional installation. The SL-LPCI does not require or use a PCI slot on the system board. If you need a standard PCI bracket, order the SL-PCI.

A 2mm 4-pin Molex header is integrated into the adapter and provides the internal USB interface to your host system. Simply choose the correct internal USB cable for your application. For EBX and larger motherboards with a 0.1 onboard USB header, order the CA260 internal USB cable. For smaller motherboards with a 2mm onboard USB header, order the CA383 internal USB cable.

Additional information

Humidity Range

10 – 90% Relative Humidity, Non-Condensing

Host Interface(s)

Embedded USB

# of Ports


Storage Temperature

-50°C to 105°C (-58°F to 221°F)

  • Integrates USB Type A port with Sealevel’s SeaLATCH locking USB connector on a low profile PCI bracket
  • Does not require or use a PCI slot on the system board
  • SeaLATCH USB connectors are fully compatible with standard USB cables
  • Locking connector prevents accidental disconnection of USB cable
  • Compliant with computers with USB 2.0, 1.1, and 1.0 connectors
  • Supports high-speed 480M bps, full-speed 12M bps, and low-speed 1.5M bps operation
  • Requires no drivers supported by all USB aware operating systems
  • Includes Molex 4-pin vertical 2mm locking header for USB connection (Mating connector Molex# 35507-0400)


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