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CompactFlash Adapter

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IDE to CompactFlash Type II Adapter

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The CF-IDE is a small adapter that allows Type I and Type II CompactFlash cards to be connected to any system with an IDE interface. IBM MicroDrives and CompactFlash memory cards are supported. To simplify installation, the board has mounting holes that match 2.5 hard drives and both 44-pin and 40-pin IDE connectors are provided. An on-board jumper sets the flash drive to master or slave mode and a status LED can be used for monitoring drive activity.


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• Type I and Type II CompactFlash memory cards are supported
• CompactFlash serial cards and other non-memory CompactFlash cards are not supported
• Board provides both 40-pin and 44-pin IDE connectors
• 5V auxiliary power connector available when using 40-pin IDE cable
• 2.5 hard drive form factor
• Supports DMA
• Status LED activity indicator
• AC termination on address and strobe signals
• Push-button card ejector
• Made in USA