DIN Rail Bracket Kit - for Relio R1 Computers

Part: KT133   Model: DIN Rail Bracket


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The KT133 is a rugged, low-profile DIN rail bracket for the Relio R1 industrial computer. Simply secure the DIN rail bracket to the rear of the Relio R1 using the ten (10) included machine screws. The bracket can be installed in either direction, which allows the Relio R1 to have left or right side facing up. The DIN rail bracket is die-cast zinc, while the 4-40 machine screws are black oxide stainless steel Phillips pan head with a thread-lock patch. These features allow the Relio R1 and KT133 to maintain strict military shock and vibration standards. Refer to Relio R1 documentation for model-specific shock and vibration specifications. The light-weight bracket is only 77 grams, which provides incredible strength without adding extra weight to your installation.


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