Expansion and Strap Kit - for SeaI/O, Relio R1100 Systems

Part: KT122   Model: SeaI/O Expansion


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Included with all N-series expansion modules, the KT122 expansion and strap kit has four metal straps, four #4-40 screws, and a CA239 RS-485 interconnect cable. The metal straps allow you to connect a Relio R1100 system and multiple SeaI/O modules together in a stack. The CA239 interconnect cable can be used to connect two SeaI/O modules together via the RJ45 connectors. This provides an easy method to cascade RS-485 signals, and power and ground from one module to the next.

When used in combination with the KT123 flush mount bracket kit, the KT122 expansion and strap kit can be used to mount a stack of SeaI/O modules, including a Relio R1100 system, in a variety of mounting positions and locations.


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