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R1 VESA Bracket

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VESA Mounting Bracket for Relio R1 Industrial Computers



The KT134 VESA mounting bracket provides an easy solution to mount a Relio R1 industrial computer to the back of a panel-mount LCD display. This allows you to choose the ideal display for your application and create a rugged Panel PC solution. The KT134 is VESA MIS-D compliant with both 75 x 75 mm and 100 x 100 mm mounting options. The VESA mounting holes accept standard M4 machine screws. The bracket includes spacers that provide an air gap between the LCD panel and the bracket to maintain proper passive cooling of the Relio R1 computer. Once the KT134 is VESA mounted, four metal tabs and screws securely mount the Relio R1 enclosure to the bracket.

For versatile options beyond VESA mounting, the KT134 bracket includes ears that allow you to mount the Relio R1 to walls or under counters. You can even mount the system inside bulkheads in mobile applications. The KT134 is compatible with the Relio R1 rugged computer and Relio R1 SeaI/O Server, not included.

The KT134 kit includes the VESA bracket, four M4-10 panhead machine screws, four M4 x 4.2 mm aluminum spacers, and four 4-40 x 5/16 flat head screws.


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