SeaConnect 370 QuickStart Demonstration Module, Wiring Harness and Battery Pack

Part: QSM100-KT   Model: SeaConnect QuickStart Module


  • Test the I/O on SeaConnect 370 devices before deploying in the field
  • Includes a convenient wiring harness that works with all SeaConnect 370 models
  • Includes a wiring diagram for connecting the I/O and power
  • Includes 12V/5V 3000 mAh Dual-Output Battery Pack & 12 V AC/DC Charger

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The QSM100 QuickStart demonstration module is the easiest way to test the I/O on SeaConnect 370 edge IoT devices before deploying in the field.

The QuickStart module includes a convenient wiring harness that works with both SeaConnect 370C (cellular/Wi-Fi) and 370W (Wi-DFi only) edge devices. A wiring diagram for connecting the I/O and powering the QSM100 is included. If you order a SeaConnect 370 module and the QSM100-KT QuickStart module on the same order, they will come prewired and ready to go. Then all you have to do is power the SeaConnect 370 module and fire up your favorite web browser.

To expand the capabilities of SeaConnect 370 modules for applications where power may be unavailable, the QSM100-KT includes a portable Li-ion battery pack. This rechargeable 3000 mAh battery pack includes a 12 VDC wall charger and takes approximately 10 hours to fully charge, which increases the life of the batteries. When connected to the wall charger while powering a SeaConnect module, the battery pack can provide more than 24 hours of backup power during a power interruption. Larger capacity battery options are available, contact us for details.

The QSM100 has the following features:

  • Four mechanical switches interact with the digital inputs on a SeaConnect 370 module
  • Four yellow LEDs confirm when the digital input is enabled on the 370
  • Two pairs of blue LEDs confirm the normally-open or normally-closed states of the SeaConnect 370’s Form C relay outputs
  • Two small potentiometers control the analog inputs on the 370 module

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RoHS Compliant


What’s In the Box?

  • SeaConnect QuickStart Demonstration Module (QSM100)
  • 12V/5V 3000 mAh Dual-Output Battery Pack & 12 V AC/DC Charger (104752)
  • Spider Cable with 4 Cable Groups and 14 Color, Insulated Wires (CA595)
  • USB Power Cable with Type A Connector to (Red/Black) Wires with Tinned Leads (CA606)
  • Additional items available as accessories


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