SeaConnect 370 Restaurant Freezers/Coolers Cold-Chain Monitoring QuickStart Kit

Part: 370C-AT03-K01   Model: SeaConnect 370 Restaurant Freezers/Coolers Cold-Chain Monitoring Kit

Monitor Additional Coolers/Freezers


  • Equipped for simultaneous cold-chain monitoring of multiple machines or spaces using wired temperature sensors.
  • Precise and continuous temperature monitoring for coolers, freezers, sandwich counters, salad prep stations and more.
  • Designed to work with the Sealevel SeaCloud IoT cloud platform to securely track, monitor, analyze and control data.
  • Kit comes ready for “plug and play” use.

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Easy IoT for Restaurants
Internet of Things (IoT) edge devices remotely monitor and control the status of real-world processes. Sealevel’s SeaConnect 370 Restaurant Kit is configured specifically for remote cold-chain management, such as monitoring the temperatures of coolers, freezers, sandwich counters, salad prep stations and more.

Sensor-Based Continuous Monitoring
The restaurant version of the 370 comes equipped for simultaneous cold-chain monitoring of multiple machines or spaces using wired temperature sensors. Precision monitoring features help technicians, restaurant managers, and kitchen staff make informed, critical decisions about cold-chain management. With continuous monitoring and alert systems, food waste risk can be reduced or eliminated, thus lowering food costs.

The 370 Restaurant Kit suits small kitchens or larger operations. While the base model comes with two temperature sensors, a fully configured 370 can monitor up to 10 cold-chain zones.
The SeaConnect 370 edge module uses an intuitive, responsive, web-based interface to set-up acceptable thresholds and alerts activated by conditions outside those limits. When sensors detect these conditions, such as unacceptable temperatures, the 370 can be configured to communicate with a cloud platform to send alerts via text message or email. These alerts are driven by our powerful, integrated event engine, which can also trigger actions. Actions may be as simple as switching on lights, turning on back-up power or setting off an alarm.

Consider the following situation: a component fails and a cooler malfunctions. The food products inside may exceed safe temperatures and, per new FSMA guidelines, require disposal. With Sealevel’s restaurant kit, the 370 would immediately detect the rising temperature. A text message and/or email alert would go out and repair procedures could be initiated before incurring expensive food losses.

Cloud Connectivity and Cold Chain Data-Logging
The SeaConnect 370 is designed to work with the Sealevel SeaCloud IoT platform. The SeaCloud service is a secure, robust, scalable, IoT cloud platform. It can track, monitor, analyze and control data. This Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud application works out-of-the-box and includes many features that allow immediate use without additional programming.

For larger restaurants or chains interested in a private-labeled service, Sealevel engineers can modify SeaCloud to meet specific requirements. The 370 also supports the free service, or the 370 can be customized for other cloud platforms.

This 370 Restaurant Kit comes standard with a SeaConnect 370C module, which sends and receives data over a cellular connection to and from a cloud platform, and does not require additional network configuration. This module is ideal for environments where Wi-Fi signals may be unavailable or interrupted by building design or other devices. Due to the nature of cellular networks, data transmission over cellular is more secure and less likely to experience interruptions.

To experience the powerful features of the SeaCloud IoT platform on your 370 device, you will need to sign up for a SeaCloud cellular subscription (Item# SC00C).

Restaurant Ready Hardware and Software
Designed for simplicity, the kit comes ready for “plug and play” use. If you can plug a power cord into a wall outlet, you can set up your 370 Restaurant Kit.

The kit includes a convenient 5 VDC wall mount power supply. The temperature sensors connect to the module via intuitive latching “RJ11” cables. You may recognize RJ11 cables from old landline wall plugs or current internet network plugs. The kit also includes a cable splitter for flexibility and coupler for extended length.

We’ve made it easy to add additional temperature sensors – simply order the KT136 and you get two additional temperature sensors, a 25’ extension cable, a 1×3 splitter and 1×1 coupler. You can also order accessories individually and build out your perfect cold-chain monitoring solution.

The SeaConnect 370 module is housed in a small, rugged plastic enclosure that is ideal for mounting to a variety of surfaces using customer-supplied mounting screws, zip ties or double-sided adhesive strips. Standard operating temperature range is -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 160°F). LEDs on the face of the module show device status and data activity.

The 370 features a certified Wi-Fi (802.11bgn) interface and WPA2 encryption for a secure connection to your wireless network. The module also includes a variety of I/O interfaces, including relay outputs, as well as digital and analog inputs. For more information on these other available interfaces, check out this kit’s specifications page or call us to discuss your IoT application.

What’s In the Box?

The 370 Restaurant kit includes everything you need to get up and running with monitoring two coolers or freezers:

  • SeaConnect 370C Module – the brains of the kit with a cellular interface to SeaCloud, or other cloud application.
  • TR154 – a 5V/2.5A wall mount power supply for powering the 370.
  • CA669 – a short 6″ (15 cm) cable that connects to the 370 and includes a latching modular connector, similar to network cables and old landline telephone cords.
  • CA651 (2) – digital temperature sensors with waterproof, stainless steel probes and 9.8′ (3 meter) cable. They’re digital so they don’t require calibration. Additional temperature sensors are available.
  • CA685 – a 25’ (7.6 meter) extension cable with latching, modular connectors on each end.
  • 105351 – 1×3 splitter that allows you to connect up to 3 cables into 1 connection.
  • 105352 – 1×1 coupler that allows you to connect two cables together, thus extending the length.
  • HW1109 – a Sealevel 4-n-1 screwdriver to make it even easier to connect everything.

Do you need an application-specific Industrial IoT device and cloud solution? Sealevel can provide a number of services from design, application-specific cloud instances, cellular data plans and even billing services for a complete solution. Call us to see how Sealevel can help you realize your IIoT vision.


Additional information



Host Interface(s)

LTE Cellular, Wi-Fi (802.11bgn)


Modbus TCP

Power Requirement

5 VDC @ 10 W max.

Field Wiring

16 – 30 AWG

RoHS Compliant


Number of Inputs/Outputs

2 Form C Relays, 4 Digital Inputs (Dry or Wet), 2 A/D Inputs

Output Type

SPDT Form C relays

ADC Impedance

900 kΩ

ADC Sampling Rate

Fixed 16 µs / channel (Equivalent to 62.5 kS/s / channel)

Digital I/O

Form C Relay Outputs, Isolated Inputs

Contact Voltage

60 VDC max.

Contact Release Time

5 ms max.

Contact Operate Time

5 ms max.

Contact Current

2 A max.

Analog I/O

A/D Inputs

A/D Resolution

12-bit (10-bit effective)

A/D Range

0-10 V or 0-24 mA (software configurable)

A/D Inputs

2 Differential


4.00 (L) x 2.03 (W) x 1.14 (H)(5.10 (L) Including mounting flanges)

Operating Temperature

-20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)

Storage Temperature

-40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F)

Humidity Range

10 – 90% Relative Humidity, Non-Condensing

SeaConnect 370 Features

  • See SeaConnect 370C (cellular) webpage for model-specific features
  • Convenient 1-Wire® bus interface supports up to ten temperature probes
  • (2) 12-bit differential A/D inputs, each software configurable for 0-10 VDC or 0-24 mA mode
  • (2) Form C relay outputs, each rated for 30 VDC @ 1A max
  • (4) Digital inputs (wet or dry contact)
  • Field wiring is simplified via removable 3.5mm terminal blocks compatible with 16-30 AWG wire
  • Requires 5 VDC input power @ 2A max via 2-pin removable terminal block
  • Operating temperature range of -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 160°F)
  • Status LEDs for power and data activity
  • Compact, plastic enclosure with mounting flanges

SeaCloud Features (Optional)

  • Manage devices, provision fielded units and configure trigger actions
  • Data can be automatically pushed to the cloud
  • Monitor connectivity status over time and diagnose issues remotely
  • Receive email and SMS alarms whenever something needs attention
  • Web configuration accessible by mobile device
  • Control available digital relay outputs from virtually anywhere
  • Private-label options available

What’s In the Box?

  • SeaConnect 370C (Celluar) multifunction I/O edge module
  • LTE Ultra-Wideband 3 dBi+ dipole sail antenna (104264)
  • Two 1-Wire Temperature Sensors (DS18B20), Waterproof/Stainless Probe, 6P4C (RJ11) Connector, 9.8′ (3 meter) Cable Length (2x CA651)
  • 1-Wire Bus SeaConnect 370 Interface Cable, 6P4C (RJ11) Connector, 6” (15 cm) Length (CA669)
  • 1-Wire Bus Flat Extension Cable, 6P4C (RJ11) Connectors, 25’ (7.6 meter) Length (CA685)
  • 1-Wire Bus 1×3 Splitter, 6P4C (RJ11) Connectors (105351)
  • 1-Wire Bus 1×1 Coupler, 6P4C (RJ11) Connectors (105352)
  • 100-240 VAC to 5 VDC @ 2.5 A wall mount power supply (TR154)
  •  Sealevel-branded 4-n-1 screwdriver (HW1109)
  • 10 Insulated Jumper Wires (CA603)
  • Additional items available as accessories


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