DAQFactory Express HMI/SCADA Software (Trial Version)

Part: SW-DAQF-EXP   Model: DAQFactory Express

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Are you looking for an easy way to program your Sealevel SeaI/O, SeaDAC, or eI/O Modbus devices? AzeoTech’s DAQFactory software combines supervisory control (SCADA), human-machine interface (HMI), factory automation, test and measurement, quality control, and remote monitoring and control in one complete package. DAQFactory has many features that appeal to a variety of users with very different backgrounds, including those with very little SCADA or data acquisition experience.

DAQFactory supports a wide range of data acquisition applications by including a customizable HMI framework, complex I/O acquisition and analysis, and extensive sequencing functions. Together, these powerful features can eliminate the need to program a custom application from scratch. Use Sealevel serial and Ethernet I/O products with DAQFactory in the following applications:

SCADA and Remote Monitoring
Use DAQFactory to monitor local and remote processes, change setpoints, perform logging and data analysis, and create alarms, all from your office PC or a separate plant floor PC. Communicate with Sealevel and other I/O devices over serial or Ethernet using one of several available protocols, such as Modbus, or through an OPC server. Your office PC can use DAQFactory networking to connect to your factory automation or plant floor HMIs, allowing display and control of data in real-time.

Human Machine Interface (HMI)
DAQFactory is a powerful HMI tool that allows you to create an unlimited number of different screens by dropping control components on the screen and setting properties. Additionally, you can combine physical knobs or switches with on-screen controls as needed.

Go beyond the capabilities of a physical control panel by adding trend graphs, waterfall graphs, and tabular data. With DAQFactory, your operators will have more data available to see how your process is running, resulting in the power to make better decisions.

Factory Automation
DAQFactory’s powerful multithreaded scripting language gives you total control over your plant floor applications with separate control loops all running concurrently. Structured text scripting means that anyone with experience programming in VB, PHP or C can quickly learn DAQFactory’s familiar script syntax.

Make changes to your application while it is still running. This key feature simplifies debugging and testing, thereby greatly reducing application development time.

Test and Measurement
DAQFactory can acquire streaming data from multiple sources and at varying data rates. Using advanced analysis and data manipulation, you can easily convert and process your data in engineering units, making real-time results attainable.

Log data in batches for each test, or log data continuously. Create separate logs for subsets of data, or log to multiple locations simultaneously. You can even create conditional logging based on input values to only record important data.

Quality Control
Use DAQFactory to collect as much data as possible about your manufacturing process. Display the data on screen for constant review, or use trending with threshold lines to indicate out of range values. Create alarms with on-screen displays and notify operators via email or voice dialing so problems can be resolved quickly.

Want to know more? Read the Top 5 Reasons to Use DAQFactory SCADA/HMI Software. Or see how to control a motor using a SeaI/O module and DAQFactory in this application video.

Download the fully functional trial version of DAQFactory Pro today! After the trial is over, keep using DAQFactory Express, which supports 2 screens, 11 screen components, and 8 tags. Paid licenses start at $89 and you can easily upgrade as your requirements grow.

Sealevel installation services can install the trial version of DAQFactory on the hard drive or solid-state disk of your Relio industrial computer. Contact us for details.

DAQFactory and AzeoTech are registered trademarks of AzeoTech, Inc. Contact AzeoTech for an unlock key or to purchase a fully licensed copy of DAQFactory with the appropriate features enabled.



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