Case Studies

What’s the best way to learn about what we do for customers? Read their stories and learn firsthand how we’re making a difference in critical communications.

Automation: Mitigating Risks Through Manufacturing Monitoring

A Sealevel customer specializes in petrochemical manufacturing. They found that employees, when working with machinery, often used their instincts rather than depending on reliable data. Unintentionally, they created risk of process manufacturing failure, contributing to machine damage. Our client approached us seeking a solution that would remove human interference and improve preventative maintenance procedures.

Agriculture Automation: Smart Farming with IIoT Technology

A major US city tasked a farming cooperative with ending a regional food desert, which is an area lacking access to groceries and fresh produce. The co-op built multiple “urban farms” using a hydroponic system, and the farms needed to minimize water usage based on water consumption regulations. Since the project was grant-funded, it had a tight budget.

Portable Tester for Automotive Manufacturing

A leading supplier to the automotive manufacturing industry was planning a next generation portable device that provides a variety of testing and programming functions on the assembly line. Sealevel quickly became more deeply involved with the project, designing and manufacturing five other PCBs, carrying out final assembly, testing, and drop shipping to end customers worldwide.

PCIe Mini Card Synchronous Serial Interface

Connecting modern computer equipment to proprietary, often old, infrastructure is a common requirement in military applications. For example, Sealevel was contacted by the manufacturer of a rugged, military computer server to design an interface to radio modems installed in aircraft.

Dairy Farm Milking Parlor

Primitive dairy farming is a thing of the past as technology has taken control of the once laborious tasks of milking and herding. Afimilk (formerly S.A.E. Afikim), a global leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing cutting edge computerized systems for the modern dairy farm and herd management, chose Sealevel as its hardware supplier due to exceptional reliability, outstanding product support and Sealevel’s ability to customize a solution to fit their exact requirements.