Traffic Management

From smart traffic signals to IoT-powered emergency assistance, to smart parking, to more efficient toll stations, to predictive road maintenance, Sealevel designers and engineers have the hardware development experience for any traffic management application. Our engineers design systems to monitor environmental conditions, analyze road deterioration, and monitor train cars, passengers, and tracks. 

Solutions for Smart Roads and Traffic Management

As cities, towns, municipalities, states, and countries continually increase sensor and camera use to manage and control the flow of automobile traffic on roads and highways, Sealevel is the preferred partner for traffic management hardware applications. Our standard and custom products offer all-inclusive solutions that successfully enhance existing systems.

From automotive manufacturing to electric bus charge stations, to fleet management, to toll and traffic management systems, Sealevel designers and engineers have more than 35 years of experience developing hardware solutions for the traffic management applications.

Digital & Analog I/O

Sealevel offers digital and analog I/O products and data acquisition devices with optically isolated inputs, Reed and Form C relay outputs, TTL interfaces to solid-state relays, and A/D and D/A functionality. Our I/O solutions support configurations from a few inputs to a distributed control network and come with a lifetime warranty.

Serial I/O Solutions

Sealevel synchronous and asynchronous serial adapters are trusted for military deployment as well as commercial applications where reliable, high-speed communications are required – especially for things like emergency response networks. Solutions are available in traditional bus-based form factors or in easy-to-use USB and Ethernet protocols.

Industrial IoT

Sealevel’s SeaConnect line of Industrial IoT hardware and software products allows you to monitor and control the status of real-world I/O processes remotely. Powered by SeaCloud software, our IIoT products have an integrated event engine that sends alerts and triggers actions when specified conditions are met.

Sealevel Expertise

Working with OEMs and integrators, Sealevel is revolutionizing the way municipalities and companies approach traffic management, enabling them to adopt predictive modeling to monitor and react to continuous real-time sensor inputs, and to upgrade existing hardware platforms and infrastructure.

Digital & Analog I/O

Monitor and control real-world signals with any computer using Sealevel digital and analog I/O products. Select from field-proven optically isolated inputs, Reed and Form C relay outputs, TTL interfaces to solid-state relays, A/D and D/A functionality. Our digital and analog I/O products come in a wide variety of host connections: host via wireless, Ethernet, USB, RS-485 or RS-232.

Serial I/O

Sealevel asynchronous and synchronous serial interfaces are designed for high-speed applications and support RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, and RS-530 electrical interface standards. Whether you choose a traditional bus-based approach or opt for easy-to-use USB or Ethernet solutions, you will be quickly communicating with your serial devices.

Embedded Computing

Built for harsh, mission-critical environments, our Computer on Module (COM) based systems provide the benefits of a full custom design while reducing time, costs, and risk. Our rugged systems require no fans or other rotating parts. Your OS and application software run from solid-state disk, eliminating rotating hard drives and resulting in true solid-state operation. Our products are designed to meet many commercial and military standards for rugged computing.


Our SeaConnect industrial IoT devices offer a variety of digital, analog and sensor I/O options coupled with SeaCloud’s built-in event engine to trigger actions. SeaCloud and SeaConnect combine into a robust IoT platform that allows you to monitor, track, analyze, and rapidly react to conditions. Our engineers can help design systems to monitor environmental conditions, analyze road deterioration, monitor railway systems, and analyze and react to traffic congestion and backups.


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