A Quick Guide to Firmware for Industrial Computing

In consumer computing, we hear and learn a lot about software and hardware. But in industrial computing, it’s firmware that can make all the difference in how a product performs, both now and in the future.

Here’s a quick reminder: firmware is the piece that glues the physical components, a.k.a. the hardware, to the user interface, or the software.

By definition, firmware is low-level software that lives inside specific hardware, and provides basic control and management functions.

At Sealevel, we approach firmware for both immediate functional needs and future needs–making reliable machines that are easy to update and upgrade.

Systems we design are often deployed in environments that pose both physical and technology challenges to hardware and software, so building in capabilities like remote access for patching and upgrading is something we always consider. Combined with an extensive knowledge of how firmware integrates with hardware and software, we’re often able to dramatically reduce development time, too–allowing more dedicated time for testing and refinement.

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