Meet the Sealevel Blackbox

Meet the Sealevel Blackbox: an engineering masterpiece that’s been carefully handcrafted and intelligently designed.

It’s full of:
FPGAs, UARTs, serial ports, carrier boards, Ethernet ports, digital inputs, Form C relays, serial ports, circuit boards, USB ports, and that’s about it.

We make them for:
military bases, wind farms, emergency call centers, fighter jets, railways, self-service kiosks, oil rigs, turnstiles, nuclear power plants, space stations, submarines, lift stations and shrimp farms – to name a few.

But no matter where it ends up, a Sealevel Blackbox is always backed by 35 years of IP that’s supported for your lifetime.

Customer Blackbox Applications

The Land of Milk & Serial

Primitive dairy farming is a thing of the past as technology has taken control of the once laborious tasks of milking and herding. A global leader in pioneering solutions for the dairy industry partnered with Sealevel to enhance their advanced innovations for the milking parlor arena. Our USB-to-serial devices send and receive data and translate it for use by the customer’s propriety software program.
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Integrative Control with IIoT

A company that manufactures controls for liquid level detection and pump system management wanted to incorporate remote access and user alerts into their stock sensor-based control systems designed for agro-innovation, conservation and commercial environmental applications. They needed a solution that would enable data recording and collection as well as automated relay commands.
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Beating the Heat in Fracking

In fracking operations, a fleet of trucks carries equipment, including computers that are the brains of their work. A Sealevel customer asked for a standardized computing solution that would meet their specifications, which are more stringent than MIL-STD-810. The computer had to be affordable, as they would be equipping their entire fleet.
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