What Happens When You Compare a Sealevel Blackbox to Someone Else’s?

Sure, you can see the same inputs and outputs. You’ll get accurate readings of the data you need. Both of these devices can keep your trains running, rigs humming and trucks rolling. But what about the things you can’t see?

Like over 35 years of precision engineering, a warranty that’ll outlast your mission and a long-term availability commitment.

So when you need a machine that’s more than a blackbox, talk to the team that’s more than a manufacturer.

Learn Why Our Partners Choose Sealevel for Their Blackboxes

High-Reliability USB to Serial Supports Medical Test & Research

BDC Laboratories recently released the RWT-4600i to test the durability and longevity of artificial heart valves. As part of this system, they required high-reliability USB to serial interfaces.
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Upgrading Command-and-Control Communications

An aerospace radar network conducts air surveillance, identification of objects in airspace, and security in support of North American homeland defense. As part of this mission critical operation, robust synchronous communications are required.
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911 Dispatch Console for Increased Efficiency & Safety

Sealevel worked with a leading provider of 911 call systems to create a state-of-the-art dispatch console that helps increase the efficiency and safety of first responders. Based on COM Express architecture, the system provides an amazing amount of functionality in a 1U space.
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