How Long is Lifetime?

In the critical communications industry, “lifetime” usually means a lot less than you’d think. At least when it applies to your product warranty. For many companies, it’s five to ten years. But you don’t have time to think about replacement parts and contingency plans every few years.  When you choose Sealevel, you won’t need to. Sealevel is committed to a first-in-industry lifetime warranty on our I/O products. And for us, lifetime means for the life of your mission – and beyond.

Learn Why Our Partners Choose Sealevel for Their Blackboxes

Integrative Control with IIoT

A company that manufactures controls for liquid level detection and pump system management wanted to incorporate remote access and user alerts into their stock sensor-based control systems designed for agro-innovation, conservation and commercial environmental applications. They needed a solution that would enable data recording and collection as well as automated relay commands.
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The Land of Milk & Serial

Primitive dairy farming is a thing of the past as technology has taken control of the once laborious tasks of milking and herding. A global leader in pioneering solutions for the dairy industry partnered with Sealevel to enhance their advanced innovations for the milking parlor arena. Our USB-to-serial devices send and receive data and translate it for use by the customer’s propriety software program.
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High-Reliability USB to Serial Supports Medical Test & Research

BDC Laboratories recently released the RWT-4600i to test the durability and longevity of artificial heart valves. As part of this system, they required high-reliability USB to serial interfaces.
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