Powering Energy Efficiency: IIoT Solar Panel Solutions

An amusement park that prioritizes sustainability contracted a renewable energy group to install a solar power system. The group roof-mounted the panels throughout the park and ground-mounted them in one lot outside the park. The energy group wanted an IIoT solution to gather reliability data on their panels’ electricity production and relay commands for cloudy days for operational optimization. The solution also needed to allow remote access and monitoring, regardless of conditions.

Integrative Control: Applying IIoT Technology to Sensor Systems

A company that manufactures controls for liquid level detection and pump system management reached out to Sealevel. They wanted to incorporate remote access, data recording and user alerts into their stock sensor-based control systems designed for agro-innovation, conservation and commercial environmental applications. One of their clients carries out expansive landscaping operations at multiple residential sites. The control technology company specifically wanted to automate their water control system.

Automation: Mitigating Risks Through Manufacturing Monitoring

A Sealevel customer specializes in petrochemical manufacturing. They found that employees, when working with machinery, often used their instincts rather than depending on reliable data. Unintentionally, they created risk of process manufacturing failure, contributing to machine damage. Our client approached us seeking a solution that would remove human interference and improve preventative maintenance procedures.

Agriculture Automation: Smart Farming with IIoT Technology

A major US city tasked a farming cooperative with ending a regional food desert, which is an area lacking access to groceries and fresh produce. The co-op built multiple “urban farms” using a hydroponic system, and the farms needed to minimize water usage based on water consumption regulations. Since the project was grant-funded, it had a tight budget.

Pool Management: Waving Goodbye to Inefficient Maintenance Systems

Sealevel connected with a large beach resort neighborhood with multiple, varied pool sites. Facilities managers wanted to implement a system that diminished poolside check-ups, stopped extraneous water testing, saved resources and contributed to preventative maintenance. Sealevel SeaConnect hardware and SeaCloud software created a smart pool network that works around the clock in all conditions.

Wastewater Treatment: Testing the Waters with the SeaConnect 370

Heavily regulated by the EPA, wastewater treatment facility managers must record data, including pump performance, pressure and flow – and adjust as needed. The remote locations of treatment plants often make regular travel resource and time intensive. The Sealevel team created a solution that reduces the number of visits while ensuring vital data is continually available. The end results? Increased efficiency, intelligence and performance.

Cold Chain Monitoring: Keeping It Cool & Ensuring FSMA Compliance

A company that delivers fresh produce throughout the United States needed a tool to monitor the temperature in their refrigerated trucks. FSMA regulations have specific stipulations for maintaining temperature and they needed a reliable cold chain monitoring solution to address multiple compartments, support a 1-Wire sensor interface, and export data to their existing database structure.